PACC Current Club Calendar

Updated 29th January 2020

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DATE/DAY          TYPE                                 DESCRIPTION 
Feb    Tues 4th        Club Night               Getting to Know You & What’s In Your Camera Bag
Feb    Sat 15th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Feb    Tues 18th      Competition            Subject A: Nature (Trophy subject)
                                                                 Subject B: Open
Feb    Sun 23rd        Outing                     Dolphin Cruise – Host Joylene Lee-Archer
                                                                  Numbers needed for this outing 
Mar    Tues 3rd        Club Night               Travel Talk by Colin J Pearce
Mar    9th                Public Holiday
Mar    Sat 14th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Mar    Sun 15th        Outing                    Gorge Wildlife Park Annual visit
Mar    Tues 17th      Competition            Subject A: Monochrome
Subject B: Open
Mar 27/28/29          Weekender             Robe 
Mar    Tues 31st                                    TBA      
Apr     Sun 5th          Outing                   Snapathon # 9 – Host Paula McManus – Pt Adelaide
Apr                                                         Interclub Competition
Apr     Tues 7th        Club Night              Portrait Photography Workshop 
Apr     10-13th          Easter                   
Apr     Sat 11th         Deadline                 Snapathon competition entries close 11:59pm
School Holidays 10th – 26th April
Apr     Sat 18th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Apr     Tues 21st      Competition            + “Snapathon Awards presentation”
Subject A: Vintage
Subject B: Open 
May    Sat 2nd          Outing                     Autumn Leaves Mt Lofty Botanic Garden
May    Tues 5th        Club Night               Lou Marafioti – Talk on People and Portraiture
May    Sat 16th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
May    Tues 19th      Competition            Subject A: Photojournalism
Subject B: Photo Travel 
Jun     Tues 2nd       Club Night               TBA
Jun     8th                Public Holiday
Jun     Sat 13th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Jun     Tues 16th      Competition            Subject A: People/Portraiture
Subject B: Animals
Jun     26/27/28       Weekender             Big Bend, Blanchetown, Dark Sky Reserve
Jun     Tues 30th                                      TBA
School Holidays 4th – 19th July
Jul      Tues 7th        Club Night               Talk about your Photographs and Copyright – Paula McManus
Jul      Sat 18th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm

Jul      Tues 21st      Competition            Subject A: Landscape/Seascape (Trophy subject)
Subject B: Winter
Jul      Sun 26th        Outing                    Adelaide Botanic Garden 
Aug    Tues 4th        Club Night               TBA
Aug    Sat 15th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm

Aug    Tues 18th      Competition            Subject A: Our Port Adelaide (Trophy subject)
Subject B: Our Country (Australia)
Sep    Tues 1st        Club Night               TBA
Sep    11/12/13       Weekender             Flinders Ranges – Hawker and Merna Mora
Sep    Sat 12th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Sep    Tues 15th      Competition            Subject A: Astrophotography/Long exposure
Subject B: Open
School Holidays 26th September – 11th October
Sep    Tues 29th                                    TBA
Oct     5th                Public Holiday

Oct     Tues 6th        Club Night               TBA
Oct     Sat 17th         Deadline                 Competition Entries Close at 11:59pm
Oct     Tues 20th      Competition            Subject A: Creative
Subject B: Panorama

Nov    Tues 3rd                                      POTY judging in private and Other Activity
Nov    Tues 17th      AGM/Club Night      AGM and People’s Choice Judging

Dec    Tues 1st        Trophy Night           Awards and Presentation Night – Bartley Tavern

School Holidays start 12th December 

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