Friday, 8 March 2019

Snapathon #8 | The Winners revealed!

Here are the results for the Snapathon #8 held on 24th February 2019.

Keywords: Empty, Paper, Stripes, Triangle & Pet 

2019 Snapathon was a spectacular success with more than 20 people snapping away all over Semaphore. The day was sunny and perfect. The themes were a bit tricky but everyone grabbed great shots and entered them into the competition. The photos were judged by Carolyn Elcock ANPSNZ AFIAP, who was mightily impressed by the quality and the creativity of the photos. Thanks to everyone who put this event together - the PACC is a great club, full of enthusiastic and friendly people. I hope everyone had a fun day out and are looking forward to the next club outing and 2020 Snapathon - Paula McManus.
All of the entries received were shown at our club rooms on Tuesday, 5th March and Top images received a prize and Runner-up images received a Merit Card.

Many thanks to Paula McManus for organising yet another very successful Snapathon, and for providing a rundown of the day.

Images are showcased below.

Keyword: Empty

TOP IMAGE: Fran Mussared - 'Absent'

RUNNER-UP: David Cram - 'mt'

RUNNER -UP: Philip Moore - 'Empty'

Keyword: Paper

TOP IMAGE: Tayla Marie Willson - 'Reading Newspaper'

RUNNER-UP: Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Rolls and Rolls of Paper'

RUNNER-UP: Kylie Shinakis - 'Paper Plant'

Keyword: Stripes

TOP IMAGE: Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Neat Tie'

RUNNER-UP: Kylie Shinakis - 'Shadow Stripes'

RUNNER-UP: Siobhan (Bonnie) Royle - 'Stripey Straws'

Keyword: Triangle

TOP IMAGE: Geraldine Hough - 'Nature's Triangles'

RUNNER-UP: Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Underneath the Brollie'

RUNNER-UP: Rebecca Turle - 'Set Sail'

Keyword: Pet

TOP IMAGE: Kim Petersen - 'Best Friends'

RUNNER-UP: Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Angel Ears'

RUNNER-UP: Huifang (Livia) Gu - 'Pet'

What a wonderful selection of images and huge congratulations to our winners!

Please feel free to visit our Facebook Page Photo albums to see the full selection of our members' top images from this and previous competitions; and I encourage you to leave a comment on any of our members' award winning images .... I am sure the author would love to hear from you!

If you have been thinking about joining our club, 2019 Memberships are now open (see our 'join our club link'). Becoming a member of PACC, gives you access to “In Focus” our private Facebook group exclusively for members only. Within that group you can ask questions, share ideas and generally get to know the other members. We also send out regular updates via email, so if you miss a few club nights, you will not miss out on important information.

The club calendar is regularly updated and can be found on the website and in the files section of "In Focus".

Please see our Facebook Events page for more details on any of our club events.

Cathy Cates, 
PACC Social Media Editor

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