Sunday, 24 February 2019

February Competition Results - Landscape/Seascape Trophy & Open

Here are the competition results for our February 2019 competition.

The subjects were 'Landscape/Seascape' and 'Open'. In total, we received 130 entries (98 PDI & 32 Prints). Our judge for the night was Keith Seidel, who gave insightful comments & critique on the images presented. Keith was most impressed with our PDI Landscape/Seascape entries, so much so, he awarded 3 images with a score of 10, and then had the difficult task of choosing 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

The number of entries this competition was higher than our first competition for 2018 and may I say, it was wonderful to see so many prints on display!

Images gaining places are showcased below.

Congratulations to Janet Harbottle & Kim Petersen on winning the Landscape/Seascape Trophy (which will be presented at the Annual Trophy Presentation Night at the end of the year). 

Subject: Landscape/Seascape

1st - Print - Janet Harbottle - 'From Remarkable Rocks '

2nd - Print - Cathy Cates - 'Rocky Beach '

3rd - Print - Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Incoming Tide '

1st - PDI - Kim Petersen - 'Fiord '

2nd - PDI - Kim Petersen - 'Iceberg Graveyard '

3rd - PDI - John Baker - 'Sunburnt Country '

Subject: Open

1st - Print - David Sandison - 'Leo at Work '

2nd - Print - Tim Colgan - 'The Gathering '

3rd - Print - David Sandison - 'High Noon '

1st - PDI - Marc Fullager - 'Laneway Love Heart '

2nd - PDI - Tony Jones - 'Street Party '

3rd - PDI - Bevan Purvis - 'Last Light '

What a wonderful selection of images and huge congratulations to our first time winners!

Please feel free to visit our Facebook Page Photo albums to see the full selection of our members' top images from this and previous competitions; and I encourage you to leave a comment on any of our members' award winning images .... I am sure the author would love to hear from you!

If you have been thinking about joining our club, 2019 Memberships are now open (see link in sidebar). Becoming a member of PACC, gives you access to “In Focus” our private Facebook group exclusively for members only. Within that group you can ask questions, share ideas and generally get to know the other members. We also send out regular updates via email, so if you miss a few club nights, you will not miss out on important information.

The club calendar is regularly updated and can be found on the website and in the files section of "In Focus".

For returning members, don't forget, we do require a new membership form to be filled out each year, which can be found in the ‘files’ section in 'In Focus'.
If you have decided not to return, then please let us know.

Cathy Cates, 
PACC Social Media Editor

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