Thursday, 18 October 2018

Creative & Open - Competition Results October 2018

In our final monthly competition for the year, the subjects were 'Creative' and 'Open'. In total, we received 70 entries from 18 members. Our judge for the night was Robert Dettman, who made mention when judging 'creative' images there are two aspects - one aspect is the creative processing and the other is where one has a 'creative idea' and goes about composing an image. Robert commented he was very impressed with our Creative images - so much so that in the PDI section he gave 3 images a score of 10 and then had the difficult task of choosing 1st, 2nd & 3rd; there were a further 6 images with a score of 9 which were awarded Merits! In the Print section 2 images received a score of 10, which meant another difficult task to decide 1st & 2nd.

Enjoy our award winning images below

Subject: Creative

PDI Creative - FIRST - 'Rust Buckets' by Joylene Lee-Archer

PDI Creative - SECOND - 'Total Lunar Eclipse' by Kim Petersen

PDI Creative - THIRD - 'Supermoon' by Georgios Tsiminis

Print Creative - FIRST - 'Shabby Windmill' by Paula McManus

Print Creative - SECOND - 'I Don't Want to Row Row Row' by Paula McManus

Print Creative - THIRD - 'Celebrations' by Cathy Cates

Subject: Open

PDI Open - FIRST - 'Botanical Triptych' by Tony Jones

PDI Open - SECOND - 'Hay Pan!' by Brian Jarvis

PDI Open - THIRD - 'Dilapidated House' by Colin J. Pearce

Print Open - FIRST - 'Living the Dream' by Helen Lewis

Print Open - SECOND - 'The Flower' by Graeme Stokes

Print Open - THIRD - 'Some Quiet Time' by David Sandison

Merits for Creative

Merits for Open
Please visit our Facebook Page Photo albums to see more images that have gained Merits in this and any of our previous competitions. 

Next month we will have our Photograph of the Year (POTY) competition where we will see the best of the best images being judged for the coveted POTY Trophy!

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