Friday, 26 October 2018

Adelaide Zombie Walk - October 2018

Regular readers of this website may remember that a number of our members freely give their time and skills every year at the Adelaide Zombie Walk.

2018 Zombie Shooters
If you have ever attended this walk, you will know that people go to a lot of effort with their costumes and make-up, and it's all for a good cause:  raising funds for and awareness of Foodbank SA 

So, do yourself a favour, and visit the Adelaide Zombie Walk Facebook page and check out the 100s of images taken by our intrepid volunteers.

If you have never attended this walk, then keep a look out for when they announce the 2019 walk - it is usually held in October each year - and mark it in your calendar: it is one not to be missed!

Cheers, Cathy Cates
PACC Secretary (2014-2018)

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