Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Photo Challenge - Winners Announced

Our August outing was something a little different - we had a Photo Challenge at Semaphore which was attended by 30+ people.  Thanks to an article in the local 'Portside Messenger' we had several non-members attend, which was really great to see!  

All attendees had until midnight, 31st August 2018 to enter images taken using the 5 keywords for inspiration.  

We ultimately received 120 entries :)

The Winners are:

1 - Peter Cheung "Inspirational Words to Live”
2 - Vicki Easom "Bee Alive”
3 - Donna Hutchinson “Food for Life”

1 - Wally Sykala “Two”
2 - Rebecca Turle "The Strength of Two”
3 - Tara David “Companions”

1 - Tim Heath "Parrot Perspective”
2 - Peter Cheung "See Life Through a Glass Jar”
3 - Wayne Hough “Candy Lane”
1 - Donna Hutchinson “I See Coffee"
2 - Geraldine Hough “I’ll Drink to That”
3 - Wayne Hough “Stop at Semaphore”

1 - Rebecca Turle "Equine Therapy”
2 - Marc Fullager “Old and Left Out”
3 - Donna Hutchinson “Chained”

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