Thursday, 20 September 2018

Panorama | Open | Phone Photos - Competition Results, September 2018

Here are the September 2018 competition results.

The subjects for this month were 'Panorama' and 'Open' and we also had our final 'Phone' category for the year. In total, we received 86 entries from 20 members. Our judge for the night was Des Berwick, who made mention that he thought the skill level in the club was extremely good!

Sadly, the Phone images were down to a record low of 4 this month, however, the number of Print entries were good with 19 prints being judged. As much as I personally love the ease of digital entries, there is still something special about looking at a good print!

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.

Subject: Panorama

PDI Panorama - FIRST - 'Sydney Rush Hour' by Georgios Tsiminis

PDI Panorama - SECOND - 'Wool Store Night Lights' by David Archdall

PDI Panorama - THIRD - 'Deserted' by Graeme Stokes

Print Panorama - FIRST - 'Sakura' by Graeme Stokes

Print Panorama - SECOND - 'Lock 5' by Kim Petersen

Print Panorama - THIRD - 'Follow the Leader' by Kim Petersen

Subject: Open

PDI Open - FIRST - 'Ghostly Flight' by Michael Hahn

PDI Open - SECOND - 'Eerie Vista' by Marc Fullager

PDI Open - THIRD - 'Cuban View' by Marc Fullager

Print Open - FIRST - 'Bank St.' by Paula McManus FAPS

Print Open - SECOND - 'Wine Grapes' by Helen Lewis AAPS

Print Open - THIRD - 'Hand Nails Screws' by Tony Jones

Subject: Phone

Phone Open - FIRST - 'Sunday Morning' by Paula McManus FAPS

Phone Open - SECOND - 'Paddler' by Paula McManus FAPS

Phone Open - THIRD - 'Red Sunrise' by Georgios Tsiminis

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