Thursday, 19 July 2018

Long Exposure | Open | Phone Photos | PACC Competition Results - July 2018

Hi everyone, here are the July 2018 competition results.

The subjects for this month were 'Long Exposure' and 'Open' and 'Phone Photos'. In total, we received 85 entries from 22 members. Our judge for the night was Ron Heptinstall.

The number of Print entries were a little low this month, with only 12 prints judged, but that did not mean the competition was of a lower standard - quite the opposite.

The place for top spot in Prints was highly contested, with 3 images in the 'Open' and 2 images in 'Long Exposure' each gaining 10 points - congratulations to Joylene Lee-Archer, Tony Jones & Kim Petersen. See our results below to see who eventually got the much coveted 'Top Spot'.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.

Please visit our Facebook Page Photo albums to see more top images from our members.

Subject: Long Exposure

David Archdall - 'Tranquility' - PDI Long Exposure FIRST

David Archdall - 'Torrens Island Power Station' - PDI Long Exposure SECOND

Georgios Tsiminis - 'Rushing Forward' - PDI Long Exposure THIRD

Tony Jones - 'Glenelg Trails' - Print Long Exposure FIRST

Kim Petersen - 'Milky Way over Eucla' - Print Long Exposure SECOND

Paula McManus - 'Robe Reflections' - Print Long Exposure THIRD

Subject: Open

Tony Jones - 'Hibiscus 3' - PDI Open FIRST

Michael Hahn - 'Almost Symmetrical' - PDI Open SECOND

Graeme Stokes - 'Misty' - PDI Open THIRD

Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Walk on in' - Print Open FIRST

Tony Jones - 'Anyone for Tennis' - Print Open SECOND

Kim Petersen - 'Stella' - Print Open THIRD

Subject: Phone

Cathy Cates - 'Pretty Petals' - Phone Open FIRST

Karen Tregoning - 'Stainless Steel' - Phone Open SECOND

Georgios Tsiminis - 'Waiting' - Phone Open THIRD

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