Thursday, 28 June 2018

Landscape/Seascape - Trophy Winners - June Competition Results

The subjects for this month were 'Landscape/Seascape' and 'Open' and we received 86 entries from 20 members.

Our judge for the night was Keith Seidel, who provided some great feedback to our members, as well as providing some entertaining commentary.

Landscape/Seascape is a trophy subject for PACC and the competition was fierce for top spot, with 3 PDI images gaining 10 points.

Landscape/Seascape Trophy winners are John Baker for "Sunrise Tidal River" (PDI) and Donna Hutchinson for "Serenity" (Print).  Congratulations to you both!  You will receive your trophies at our Presentation Night at the end of the year.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.

Subject: Landscape/Seascape
PDI (Projected Digital Images)

John Baker - 'Sunrise Tidal River' PDI Landscape-Seascape FIRST

David Archdall - 'Secret River' PDI Landscape-Seascape SECOND

David Archdall - 'Morning Mist' PDI Landscape-Seascape THIRD


Donna Hutchinson - 'Serenity' Print Landscape-Seascape FIRST

Paula McManus - 'Derwent Bridge' Print Landscape-Seascape SECOND

Paula McManus - 'Ice Caves' - Print Landscape-Seascape THIRD

Subject: Open

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

John Baker - 'Resting in Peace' - PDI Open FIRST

Janet Harbottle - 'Siblings' - PDI Open SECOND

Colin J. Pearce - 'Blue-Eyed Doll' - PDI Open THIRD


Helen Lewis - 'Gum Expert' - Print Open FIRST

Helen Lewis - 'The Sheep Run' - Print Open SECOND

Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Shoo Fly' - Print Open THIRD

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