Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Getting to Know ...

... Colin J Pearce, 2018 President

What got me interested in photography?
My parents let me play with an old box brownie camera when I was 7 years old. The magic of seeing my view transform to a print inspired me.

What do I shoot with?
Sony A6300 mirrorless camera. My favourite lens is my Zeiss 16-70mm – rich colours, great sharpness, instant autofocus, small and light.
I migrated through two SLRs until I got a Canon "EF" SLR before I left high school. (Confusingly there was an EF model camera long before Canon decided to name its autofocus lenses "EF" with no apparent relationship). I used my Canon SLR until 2004 when I got my first DSLR – a Nikon D70. In 2012 I moved over to Sony for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the ability to use the same lenses on my Sony video camera.

What is my photographic background?
Right through high school I was in the photography club and the darkroom club. I got Kodak and Agfa to import books specially for me on colour printing (I was inspired by the B&W prints in the darkroom club, but wanted colour). I learned how to do it, then the school teachers got me to teach the other kids how to do it.
In 1985 I bought my first video camera, and gradually became interested in filmmaking. While I was living in Brisbane I did an Advanced Diploma of Screen. Since then I’ve worked on countless short films, documentaries and three feature films. I’ll be filming my next feature film shortly.

What is my most memorable photographic moment?
Slightly left of field – my most recent feature film. I managed to get some nice compliments about the scenery I took around the Port. However the best moment was the premiere at the Semaphore Ocean Star cinema when my movie made 270 people roar in shock. Thrilling for them, and for me, that two years' hard work had paid off.

What is my favourite image, and why?
A photo I took on an excursion of my high school photography club – a swan on a pond in the Botanic Garden on North Terrace. The swan seemed to pop out of the photo (probably due to shallow depth of field, putting the background and foreground out of focus).

What is my favourite subject, and why?
Sunrise landscapes. The colours can be great, water tends to be stiller than other times of the day, and there are fewer people around.

"In the Sun" was taken in the Royal Palace in Stockholm – I was intrigued by the sunlight filtering through the window onto the marble floor, plus the statue lying in the sun.

If any other PACC members would like to be featured in our 'Getting to Know You' section, please click on the link Yes, I would like to be featured and answer a few questions

Saturday, 24 March 2018

March 2018 Competition Results - Our Port Adelaide Trophy

The subjects for March 2018 were 'Our Port Adelaide' and 'Open', and this month we also had a phone category. We received 123 entries from 28 members. Our judge for the night was Andy Smylie, who provided some wonderful feedback to our members.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.
Congratulations to Liz McKee & Kim Petersen on winning the 'Our Port Adelaide' trophy!

Please visit our Facebook Page Photo albums to see more top images from our members.

Please keep a look out for our next newsletter, where we will feature a 'Getting To Know You' article on our new President, Colin J. Pearce.

Subject: Our Port Adelaide

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Liz McKee - 'At the Port'

PDI - 2nd Place
Shannon Gillespie - 'Night'

PDI - 3rd Place
John Baker - 'Pt Adelaide Lighthouse'


Print - 1st Place
Kim Petersen - 'One and All'

Print - 2nd Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'One and All'

Print - 3rd Place
Kim Petersen - 'Seeing Red'

Subject: Open

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Karen Tregoning - 'Just Being Nathan'

PDI - 2nd Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Who's a Pretty Boy Then'

PDI - 3rd Place
Helen Lewis - 'Life Cycle'


Print - 1st Place
Colin J. Pearce - 'Holy Man'

Print - 2nd Place
Colin J. Pearce - 'Let Me Out'

Print - 3rd Place
Cathy Cates - 'Standing Guard'

Phone Images

PHONE - 1st Place
Allan Griffin - 'Dragonfly Pose'

PHONE - 2nd Place
Liz McKee - 'Ship Wreck'

PHONE - 3rd Place
Georgios Tsiminis - 'Handful of Shells'

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Another successful club night!

Stuart Fillmore gave an interesting presentation on the use of filters.

it was a packed house, with quite a few questions both during and at the end.  Thanks Stuart!

Our 7th Annual Snapathon winners were revealed on the same night - please see our separate post for winning images.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Snapathon Winners Revealed

Our 7th Annual Snapathon was a huge success with approximately 37 people in attendance.

We received lots of lovely entries.

The winners for each section are:

Peter Cheung - 'Windows Coloured' - Hart's Mill Buildings

Clarice Cram - 'Deadlock' - Keep Out!

Jackie Allender - 'Rock N Roll Van' - Something that makes a Noise

Peter Cheung - 'Three Leaves' - A Pattern in Nature

John Baker - 'Metal Teeth' - Pointy

Please see our Facebook album for further TOP IMAGES

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Snapathon #7 - Competition closes midnight Saturday, 3rd March 2018

The 7th Annual Snapathon was held on Sunday, 25th February 2018, was most popular, with a record number of approximately 37 people in attendance and by all reports, everyone had a lot of fun!

If you took part in our Snapathon, don't forget to enter your images in the Snapathon Competition. Details on how to enter appear below!

Snapathon attendees are also invited to come along to our club meeting on Tuesday 6th March, to view all the Snapathon entries..... AND ... there are prizes for the winners! It will be followed by a fascinating talk on "Use of Filters" by Stuart Fillmore. 



News Flash!!! We will also have a door prize, as well as a raffle with a variety of prizes with the aim of raising funds for a new projector (so please bring a gold coin or two!!!)


You have until 11:59pm this Saturday, 3rd March to enter one photo per theme. You can change your photos up until the closing time.

Please enter your photos taken during the Snapathon at the competition website.
  • enter your email address, and follow the prompts 
  • 1 photo per section (check your Title before clicking 'next') 
  • Jpeg format, 1080 pixels high (the width is not important) 
  • file size less than 2MB 
You may post-process your images, but you cannot add in any list items that were not in the original photo. Your photos must have been taken within the nominated boundary during the timeframe of the Snapathon, and must be your own work. If we find that you have taken photos from another source or on another date and time, you will be disqualified not just from this contest, but every future club competition.

CONDITION: Entering this competition signifies the author gives Port Adelaide Camera Club Inc permission to show these photos on the club's online presences (including Facebook and email) but, other than that, copyright in the photo remains with the photographer.

The competition is conducted within the General Rules of the Club. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Competition Secretary on 0408 426 546.

If you have been thinking about joining our club, now is the perfect time to do so! We have a great year planned ...... even bigger & better than last year!

We are really looking forward to seeing you all at our club rooms at the Maritime Union of Australia Hall, 65 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide (enter via side door in Hare Street from 7.00 pm onwards) on Tuesday, 6th February 2018 at 7.30 pm

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary