Sunday, 19 November 2017

Out and About ...... MLPC

Every now and then, PACC get the opportunity to spend some time with members from other clubs.

Mawson Lakes Photography Club had planned a photo walk around Port Adelaide and issued an invite for us to join them.  3 PACC members joined them for the walk - myself, our Vice President Joy and member Robert Stubbs.  David, our Treasurer was there, but he counted himself as representing the other team, as he is also a member of MLPC.

Here are just a few photos from PACC members from our night around the Port.




I always find it intriguing that so many photographers can visit the same area, yet see so many different things to photograph.

Big thank you to our members for allowing me to share their images here :)

Mawson Lakes Photography Club meets at 7.30 pm on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Mawson Centre 2-8 Main Street, Mawson Lakes.

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary

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