Wednesday, 8 November 2017

2017 POTY Competition Results

Well, that was a big night! In total, 194 images were submitted by our members for consideration for Photograph of the Year (POTY) for 2017.

124 PDIs & 70 Prints were judged by a panel of 3 judges - Chris Schultz, Susie Lipert & Peter Phillips. The evening flowed quickly and smoothly with the judges giving some wonderful feedback on the top images. Many thanks to the judges for their comments. Many thanks to David & Jack for ensuring a quick turnaround on the prints - quite a task considering it was accomplished in the dark!

Photo by Joylene Lee-Archer

Photo by Joylene Lee-Archer

Congratulations go to Tim Colgan for the Top Print, John Baker for the Top PDI, Kim Petersen for Runner-up PDI & Helen Lewis for Runner-up Print.

Top Images are highlighted below. Please visit our Facebook Page Photo albums or our Website to see more top images from our members.

POTY (Photograph of the Year)

POTY WINNER - PDI - John Baker - 'Lighthouse'

POTY WINNER - Print - Tim Colgan - 'The Salty's Stairway'

RUNNER UP - PDI - Kim Petersen - 'Mouse for Lunch'

RUNNER UP - Print - Helen Lewis - 'Monarch Butterflies'

POTY (Photograph of the Year) - Merits

MERIT Print - Bec Lundberg - 'Wasp'

MERIT Print - Paula McManus - 'Pirouette' 

MERIT Print - Tony Jones - 'Red Rock'

MERIT PDI - Donna Hutchinson - 'Storm Ahead'

MERIT PDI - John Baker - 'Yellow Stairs'

MERIT PDI - Karen Tregoning - 'Catching Waterfalls'

POTY (Photograph of the Year) - High Scorers

POTY High Score - PDI
Kim Petersen - 'Eagle Dreaming'

POTY High Score - PDI
Tim Colgan - 'Digestive Pause'


21st November - AGM

5th December - Trophy Presentation Night

Please see our Facebook Events page for further details.
Hope to see you there!

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