Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Out and Around Mawson Lakes ...

... this was the destination of our monthly club outing.

10 members & 1 visitor braved the winds for our walk around Mawson Lakes

Thanks to our visitor, Vaughan Elliott, former president of Mawson Lakes Photography Club for joining us and taking the group photo.  Two other members arrived later and joined us in time for lunch :)

Here are some snapshot of some of the members doing their thing!

Thanks to Joy for providing photos.

We ended our walk with a bite to eat at The Mawson Lakes Hotel

thanks to Liz McKee for taking this group shot.

Friday, 22 September 2017

People/Portraiture & Open - September Competition Results

The subjects for the month of September 2017 were 'People/Portraiture' and 'Open'. We received 96 entries from 21 members. 

Our judge for the night was Gary Secombe, who was most gracious in offering critique to members for our first Mobile Phone Category which has been introduced as a trial for consideration for next year.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.

Please visit our Facebook Page Photo albums or our Website to see more top images from members.

Subject: People/Portraiture

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Shannon Gillespie - 'Fathers Day'

PDI - 2nd Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Gruesome'

PDI - 3rd Place
Kim Petersen - 'Ringbalin'


Print - 1st Place
Paula McManus - 'Chookman'

Print - 2nd Place
Helen Lewis - 'Cool for School'

Print - 3rd Place
Jonathan McAdam - 'Phone and Cone'

Subject: Open

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Kim Petersen - 'Mouse for Lunch'

PDI - 2nd Place
Helen Lewis - 'Spoonbills Reflecting'

PDI - 3rd Place
John Baker - 'Yellow Stairs'


Print - 1st Place
Donna Hutchinson - 'Track to Nowhere'

Print - 2nd Place
Jonathan McAdam - 'Winter in Taylor Park'

Print - 3rd Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Double Trouble'

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Understanding Landscape Photography ....

.... a presentation by Keith Seidel

Even though numbers were a little less than expected due to the weather, illness & work related issues, we still had a good turnout last night for our much anticipated presentation by Keith Seidel.

Several visitors from other camera clubs also attended and enjoyed a coffee and a chat afterwards.

If you ever get a chance, go see Keith give a presentation, he is quite entertaining.

Keep a look out for future PACC club nights & outings on our Facebook page, or better yet, subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss out on what is happening at our club.  Visitors are always welcome!

Cathy Cates
PACC Secretary

Saturday, 2 September 2017

What is the best camera to have?

well, as they say "the one that you have with you!"

Our most recent club meeting was a most interesting night with two presentations - one of our former members, Sara Underwood, gave us a presentation on 'phone photography',

A selection of Sara's images can be found HERE

and one of our current members, Georgios Tsminis gave us an entertaining explanation of the 'histogram'.

Although attendance was down due the weather, those that were there enjoyed both presentations immensely.

Our next club night on 5th September 2017, we have Keith Seidel giving us a presentation on “Understanding Landscape Photography”.

The presentation covers a lot of ground: light, subject matter, perspective and scale, composition, luck, artistic decisions and the choices photographers face in the development of a personal landscape “style”. It will do this without being hung up on traditional definitions or compositional rules.

Keith has a significant portfolio of internationally exhibited and awarded work which have contributed to his photographic honours, and regularly posts photographs on Instagram and Facebook.

In 2014 Keith self published the photographic essay "Chiaroscuro - light and shade in Orvieto" which can be previewed from his website at www.kseidelphoto.id.au, and has just self published an anthology of his photography titled “Personal Choices”.

So far, response has been great with approximately 60 people indicating attendance.
Everyone is welcome, the presentation is free, however, seats are now 'limited'.  If you would like to attend, please see our Facebook Events page or contact the Club Secretary for further details.

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary