Friday, 21 July 2017

July 2017 Competition Results - Our Port Adelaide & Open

The subjects for the month of July 2017 were 'Our Port Adelaide' and 'Open'. We received 89 entries from 22 members.

Our judge for the night was Susie Lipert

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are showcased below.

Subject: Our Port Adelaide

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Donna Hutchinson - 'Sunshine Before the Storm'

PDI - 2nd Place
John Baker - 'The Port Lighthouse' - PDI

PDI - 3rd Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Working Docks'


Print - 1st Place
Kim Jorja Petersen - 'Celebrating Port Adelaide'

Print - 2nd Place
Paula McManus - 'Boarded Up'

Print - 3rd Place
Tony Jones - 'Port Adelaide Mist'

Subject: Open

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

PDI - 1st Place
Marc Fullager - 'Fishy'

PDI - 2nd Place
Jonathan McAdam - 'Sunlit Kelpies'

PDI - 3rd Place
John Baker - 'Diver' 


Print - 1st Place
Joylene Lee-Archer - 'Lotus Blossom'

Print - 2nd Place
Janet Harbottle - 'Chess Challenge'

Print - 3rd Place
Paula McManus - 'Curious Kitty'

Please visit our Photo album on our Facebook Page to see all of the top scoring images.

Friday, 7 July 2017

July Club Meeting - Foto Fun Forum

We had a fun night at our club rooms on 4th July.

here is just a taste of some of the 'just for fun' section of the night

Many thanks to our members for submitting images and making everyone laugh.

All of the images for our Just For Fun can be seen in our Facebook Album
Please have a look and leave a comment :)

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

June club outing - Glenelg

Club outing to Glenelg

Decent turnout considering the weather forecast. Had a great time - excellent reflections in the marina. 

When the weather got drizzly, the group had an excellent late morning tea at the multi-award-winning Orange Spot Bakery.

Many thanks to the members who were able to attend this outing and huge thanks to Colin for hosting!

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary