Friday, 2 June 2017

PACC success at SAPF 2017 Annual Exhibition

Well, the SAPF Annual is over for another year.

I am most proud to be part of this club and it was such a pleasure to see so many PACC Member images being showcased at this exhibition.

The winner for the SAPF Annual Club Sets was Edwardstown Photography Club. However, the PACC did well gaining a 2nd Place.

Individual SAPF results for our members are (that we are aware of, and listed alphabetically):

Bec Lundberg – 12 acceptances, 4 Merits
Cathy Cates - 6 acceptances
Colin J Pearce– 5 acceptances, 3 Merits
Helen Lewis – 11 acceptances, 1 Win, 3 Merits
Jason Glover – 5 acceptances, 1 Merit
Joy Lee-Archer – 7 acceptances, 1 Merit
Karen Tregoning – 9 acceptances, 4 Merits
Kay Hamilton – 9 acceptances, 2 Merits
Paula McManus – 20 acceptances, 1 win (top photo), 6 Merits
Tim Colgan – 7 acceptances
Vicki Easom – 4 acceptances

John Baker & Kim Jorja Petersen & Rebecca Turle also did well, but their exact results are unknown at this stage.

Special congratulations to Kim Jorja Petersen and to Paula McManus. Their collections of images have been accepted for a special ‘themed print exhibition’ for APSCON 2017.

A few photos from the evening follows:

Paula McManus next to her winning image 'Spirits'

Cathy Cates next to one of her acceptances

Image of the Year winners - Print & Digital
Paula McManus & Judith Thiess (not a PACC Member)

PACC members Kay Hamilton & John Baker watching the slideshow of PACC Club Set

PACC Member Marc Fullager &
PACC Competition Secretary Colin J Pearce

PACC Members Kay Hamilton, John Baker & Gail Fursenko

Stavros Pippos presenting Helen Lewis with her award for
Open Pictorial Colour Print - Dunes Show No Mercy 
Stavros Pippos presenting Paula McManus with her award for 
People/Portraiture Print & Print of the Year – Spirits

Stavros & Paula discussing how 'Spirits' was taken

Stavros Pippos presenting Rebecca Turle with her award for 
Creative Projected Image – On the Wall

Image Credit:  Colin J Pearce
PACC Group photo
image taken at the end of the night,
unfortunately some members had already left

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