Saturday, 10 June 2017

A night out with a difference!

Our recent club meeting was spent outside the club rooms and we ventured out to the wharf where Torrens Island Markets are held.

We met early to catch the sunset and do some night photography - some of us even got to experience a bit of light painting!

The evening was a lot of fun, even though it was very chilly, with the light painting being performed by our Treasurer, David Sandison.

Image Credit:  Colin J Pearce

Image Credit:  Joylene Lee-Archer AAPS

Image Credit: Lydia Strutton

Image Credit:  Paul Beaumont

Image Credit: Shannon Gillespie
Image Credit:  Tim Colgan
Image Credit:  Cathy Cates

Image Credit: Gail Fursenko
Image Credit: Kerry Graham

All up, we had 17 members come out at various stages through the night and brave the cold to participate in the night's activities.  Many thanks to David Sandison for organising the night and performing the light painting for us.  There were several members who experienced light painting for the first time and enjoyed themselves immensely.

I think we may have to try this again soon, maybe when it is not quite so cold.

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