Saturday, 1 April 2017

Getting excited about our next club meeting :)

PACC is very proud to advise we have a Guest Speaker, Pete Dobré for our next meeting on Tuesday, 4th April 2017.

Pete is a Landscape photographer and he will be giving us a presentation on 'Light & Composition'.

A quote from his website - ”As a photographer, what I like doing best is simply to be out there capturing what ever lays in front of me. There are times when I go out with a purpose to shoot, there is an end goal and yet, there are others times, I will go out with the flow, no purpose, no project, no intentions, no goal but rather with a deep love of what I do and just going with whatever comes my way.” 

Regular PACC Blog readers may remember a previous post about one of our members, Helen Lewis, having an exhibition after her trip to Africa, well, this is the person who hosted that particular trip. You can read that particular post HERE
Pete has a website and blogs about his recent adventures in Africa HERE

Visitors are most welcome to attend our presentation - there is no charge - however, we do request that you let us know if you would like to attend so that we can ensure there are enough seats & supper for everyone :)

We have a Facebook Event HERE, or, if you don't 'do' Facebook, then feel free to send and email and let us know you wish to attend (see sidebar for email).

Our club rooms are located in the Maritime Union of Australia Hall, 65 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide  (enter via Hare Street).  Doors open 7.00 pm for a 7.30 start.  There will be a quick presentation of our club Snap-a-thon competition winners, a few club notices/reminders then Pete will commence his presentation.

Hope to see you there!

CheersCathy Cates, PACC Secretary

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