Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April 2017 Competition Results | Dianne Davies Memorial Trophy: Nature | Open

The subjects this month were 'Nature' and 'Open' and we had 109 entries, with 25 members competing.

Our judge for the night was Mark Pedlar who gave invaluable critique on each and every one of the images entered. With 3 PDI Nature images receiving a score of 10, it was a most difficult choice for Mark to decide which images were 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Helen Lewis - 'Monarch Butterflies' - Print Nature FIRST

Kim Jorja Petersen - 'Minus 40' - PDI Nature FIRST
Congratulations to Helen Lewis on winning the Nature Print section with 'Monarch Butterflies' and to Kim Jorja Petersen on winning the Nature PDI section with 'Minus 40' - both authors are very worthy winners of the Dianne Davies Memorial Trophies which will be presented to Helen & Kim at our trophy presentation night at the end of the year.

Colin J. Pearce - 'Torii Tunnel' - Print Open FIRST

John Baker - 'Just Graded' - PDI Open FIRST
Debra Tucker - 'Old Morton Bay Fig' - PDI Nature SECOND

Karen Tregoning - 'The Reluctant Cowboy' - PDI Open SECOND

Tony Jones - 'On the River Bank' - Print Nature SECOND

Vickie Nice - 'Memory Lane' - Print Open SECOND
Bec Lundberg - 'Antlion' - Print Nature THIRD

Karen Tregoning - 'White Rose Edged in Red' - PDI Open THIRD

Kim Jorja Petersen - 'Raining on Uluru' - PDI Nature THIRD

Tony Jones - 'Dressing Up' - Print Open THIRD

The following images received Merits

Cathy Cates - 'Just Sittin'' - PDI Nature Merit

Donna Hutchinson - 'Sprouting' - PDI Nature Merit

Georgios Tsiminis - 'Perfect' - PDI Nature Merit

John Baker - 'Sturt Desert Pea' - PDI Nature Merit

Paula McManus - 'Caught in the Dust Storm' - PDI Nature Merit

Vicki Easom - 'Big Eyelashes' - PDI Nature Merit

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