Friday, 9 December 2016

2016 Trophy Presentation Night

We had our Annual Trophy Presentation night on Tuesday, 6th December 2016  - 43 people attended and we filled the room!

Unfortunately, some members were unable to attend and accept their awards due to other commitments.  Congratulations to:

Kay Hamilton on your POTY Merit Certificate
John Baker on your POTY Merit Certificate
David Archdall on your POTY PDI and Gold 3rd Place
Graeme Stokes on your Gold 1st Place

Here are some photos from the night:

Paula McManus - Dianne Davies Memorial Trophy for Nature - Prints

Gail Fursenko - Dianne Davies Memorial Trophy for Nature - PDI

Joylene Lee-Archer - Landscape/Seascape Trophy PDI
David Sandison - Landscape/Seascape Trophy Print
Tony Jones - Our Port Adelaide Trophy - Prints
Paula McManus - accepting Our Port Adelaide Trophy - PDI on behalf of Dianne Davies

Paula McManus receiving POTY Merit Certificates on behalf of Dianne Davies
Bec Lundberg - POTY Merit for 'Lotus Vine'
Sincerest apologies to Bec for not showing her image on the night - a slight technical glitch - but here it is now :)
Bec Lundberg - Merit POTY Print

Tony Jones - POTY Runner-up - Prints

Paula McManus - POTY Runner-up - PDI

Bec Lundberg - POTY Winner - Print

Donna Hutchinson - Silver 3rd Place

Gail Fursenko - Silver 2nd Place

Kate Hollister - Silver 1st Place

Bec Lundberg - Gold 2nd Place

Tim Colgan - New Member Encouragement Award

Vicki Easom - President's Award

Outgoing President

2016 PACC Award recipients

A great night was had by all in attendance.

See you all next year, at our new club rooms

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