Tuesday, 15 November 2016

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Vicki Easom

Vicki Easom receiving a trophy in 2013

What got me interested in photography?

I have been interested since around 1980, but got more serious about it when I moved to a country town in WA in 1990, where there was little to do, so I took up a 6 week course through TAFE in the next town, then got talked into joining the nearby Katanning Camera Club by the instructor.

What do I shoot with?

A canon 450D (or Canon EFM film camera).

What is my favourite subject and why?

I class myself as a "Rural Photographer", I love ruins, landscapes, old sheds, trees and the great outdoors - especially outback areas.

Most memorable photographic moment.

I was following a "mud map" to some ruins out the back roads of Riverton with a friend when I sort of lost it on the muddy roads. We never found the ruins but where the car stopped on an awkward angle, I noticed a lovely landscape with canola and green pastures with a well positioned tree. After we dusted ourselves off and got the car back on the road we went to a higher vantage point nearby and I shot the image known to many of you "Fields of Green and Gold" which has done quite well for me, including runner-up Best Landscape Print last year at Camera Club.

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