Wednesday, 16 November 2016

2017 PACC Committee

The PACC AGM is done and dusted for another year!

We had a good turnout with 26 members attending.

Our new committee for 2017 comprises of Bec Lundberg as President, Joylene Lee-archer as Vice President, David Sandison as Treasurer, Cathy Cates as Secretary and Colin J. Pearce as Competition Secretary. Returning Committee Members are Vicki EasomJack Lonie & Howard Speed, and we welcome new committee member Paula McManus

Allan Griffin remains on the committee as Immediate Past President.

The committee would like to thank Allan Griffin for his many years of service in the role of President, and Grant Allen for his contribution this year. 

The Minutes from the AGM will be distributed to members in a few days, along with the 2017 Club Calendar and new membership form. 

The committee would also like to thank the members who attended last night, your active participation was most appreciated. 

Cathy Cates
PACC Secretary

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Getting to know .....

Vicki Easom

Vicki Easom receiving a trophy in 2013

What got me interested in photography?

I have been interested since around 1980, but got more serious about it when I moved to a country town in WA in 1990, where there was little to do, so I took up a 6 week course through TAFE in the next town, then got talked into joining the nearby Katanning Camera Club by the instructor.

What do I shoot with?

A canon 450D (or Canon EFM film camera).

What is my favourite subject and why?

I class myself as a "Rural Photographer", I love ruins, landscapes, old sheds, trees and the great outdoors - especially outback areas.

Most memorable photographic moment.

I was following a "mud map" to some ruins out the back roads of Riverton with a friend when I sort of lost it on the muddy roads. We never found the ruins but where the car stopped on an awkward angle, I noticed a lovely landscape with canola and green pastures with a well positioned tree. After we dusted ourselves off and got the car back on the road we went to a higher vantage point nearby and I shot the image known to many of you "Fields of Green and Gold" which has done quite well for me, including runner-up Best Landscape Print last year at Camera Club.

If you would like to see more of what our members have accomplished, please click on the member's name in the labels section on the right hand side of this page, or feel free to visit our Facebook page and type their name in the Search Box

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary

Monday, 14 November 2016

Some snapshots from the Christmas pageant

Our President, Allan Griffin, was the photography team leader, with PACC Members Bec Lundberg, Stephen Muller, Jason Hywood, Grant Allen and Paula McManus on the team for the 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

Here are some quick snapshots of the team doing their thing!  It looks like it was a lot of fun!

a PACC member spotted in the crowd (David Sandison)

Image credit: Stephen Muller

Cheers for now
Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Getting to know ......

Gail Fursenko

How/When did you get interested in photography?

I got interested in photography about six years ago but had to give it up because of family reasons and work commitment, but took up again in 2012.

What do you shoot with?

I shoot with Nikon 7100. I like photographing animals flowers and travel.

What is your favourite subject, and Why?

Animals are great subjects because they have real character and travel is interesting because you see different places and people that you don't normally see and flowers have colour and vibrancy and softness to them.

What is your most memorable photographic moment?

Travelling through the Mediterranean was probably my most memorable experience.

What is your favourite image, and Why?

My favourite image is my flower in black and white with a colour centre because it had a touch of creativity as well and looks great blown up in my bedroom.

If you would like to see more images by Gail, please visit our Facebook page and type 'Gail Fursenko' in the Search Box

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Adelaide Christmas Pageant today :)

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant is a long-standing tradition.

here is some information from the Pageant website

At 9:30am on Saturday 12 November, the whistle will blow to signal the beginning of the 2016 Credit Union Christmas Pageant!

People of all ages gather along Adelaide's streets each November to welcome the Credit Union Christmas Pageant to town. It's the traditional start to the festive season in South Australia, with more than 320,000 happy faces lining the 3.3 kilometre route.

Over 172 bright and colourful sets, including floats, bands, dancers and clowns will entertain thousands of people, culminating in the arrival of Father Christmas himself in Adelaide.

The Pageant begins on South Terrace at the corner of King William Street, and meanders through the city to finish on North Terrace at approximately 11:40am.

You can view and download a copy of the route map here.

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is traditionally held on the second Saturday of November, unless that day falls on Remembrance Day.

Our President, Allan Griffin, is the photography team leader, with PACC Members Bec Lundberg, Stephen Muller, Jason Hywood, Grant Allen and Paula McManus on the team as well.

If you are at the Pageant today, keep a look out for them (they are easily identified by what they are wearing) and give them a wave!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Member Success: Rebecca Turle

It is always such a thrill to see one of our members' images published in the local newspaper.
Image Credit:  Eva Treen via Facebook

Rebecca Turle has had an image published today (11/11/16) in The Advertiser - congratulations Rebecca!

Monday, 7 November 2016

Club Outing: October 2016 - Laratinga Wetlands & Old Tailem Town

Our final official club outing for the year was a doozy!

An early morning start (6.00 am) at Laratinga Wetlands for a sunrise shoot - there were 3 members who were very keen!

Then more members met at Old Tailem Town at 9.30 am

It was a great day out, even though it was a bit windy and dusty by the time we got to Old Tailem Town.   We ended the day with a late lunch at a pub in Tailem Bend.

Even though this was our last 'official' club outing, members can keep an eye on InFocus, the private members group page on Facebook for any impromptu outings :)

Thanks to the members for letting me share their photos from the day out!

Cathy Cates, PACC Secretary

Saturday, 5 November 2016

2016 Photograph of the Year

Tuesday, 1st November 2016 was the final competition for the year.

It was a good night with the best of the best images our members have entered into our monthly competitions throughout the year being judged for Photograph of The Year.

Congratulations to the following members:  Bec Lundberg, Cathy Cates, Christine Keech, David Archdall, David Sandison, Dianne Davies, Donna Hutchinson, Gail Fursenko, Jason Glover, John Baker, Joylene Lee-archer, Karen Tregoning, Kate Hollister, Kay Hamilton, Michael Hahn, Paula McManus, Shannon Gillespie, Stephen Muller, Tara Wachtel, Tim Colgan, Tony Jones, Vicki Easom on submitting images for 2016 Photograph of the Year!

There were a total of 160 images submitted this year made up of 92 PDIs and 68 Prints.

Our guest judges were Andy Smylie, Susie Lipert and Ben Kerr.

PDI (Projected Digital Images)

David Archdall - 'Take Me Home'

Paula McManus - 'Alice'


Bec Lundberg - 'Sleeping Soundly'

Tony Jones - 'Speargrass' 


Please visit our Facebook photo album to see our top images from the Photograph of the Year competition in more detail.