Monday, 1 August 2016

Getting to Know ......

Committee Member: Grant Allen

What got me interested?
As a kid my mum had a Kodak Box Brownie, and I was able to use it one day from there I developed (No pun intended) used the camera more than my mother.

What do I shoot with?
I shoot PENTAX. When younger my dad had a Pentax SLR camera.
In 2007 Keryn and I went to Japan. I went into Diamond Photographics and enquired what camera I should buy to take with me.  The recommendation was PENTAX. I have a K20 and K3. I use Pentax Macro lenses and Sigma

Most Memorable Moment
Heritage Round  Game at Football Park 5th May 2013.  My accreditation did not allow oval access beyond the boundary. I was not missing this moment in history.

Favorite Subject
Motor Sport or whatever I am shooting at the time.

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