Thursday, 23 June 2016

June Competition Results

The competition subjects for June 2016 were 'Night Photography' and 'Open' with a total of 109 entries.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are highlighted below.

 Our Winners this month are 
Bec Lundberg, Graeme Stokes, Jason Glover, John Baker, Kay Hamilton, Paula McManus, 
Tara Wachtel, Tim Colgan, Walter Popiel-Machnicki

Members obtaining MERITs this month are:
Bec Lundberg, Cathy Cates, Dianne Davies, Gail Fursenko, Jason Glover, Joylene Lee-Archer,
Karen Tregoning, Kate Hollister, Paula McManus, Shannon Gillespie, Stephen Muller, 
Walter Popiel-Machnicki

Please visit our Photo Album on our Facebook page to see larger versions of these images.

Our guest judge was Alberto Giurelli

Image Credit: Allan Griffin

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