Friday, 24 June 2016

Member Profile: Getting to Know ....

the Treasurer - Bec Lundberg

How/When did you get interested in photography?
I bought my first DSLR when my son was born in 2009, but I didn't start taking it seriously until 2012. Up until that point, I really only took family snapshots

What do you shoot with?
Until recently I shot with a Canon 650D, but have now upgraded to a Canon 5D MKIII

What is your favourite subject, and Why?
I enjoy shooting landscapes and nature/macro. Lately I have been more specifically shooting flowers (with or without butterflies). I love their form, lines and texture and there are endless ways to shoot them.

What is your most memorable photographic moment?
Having the opportunity to shoot the Credit Union Christmas Pageant this year. It was so exciting, I had never been to the pageant before and to be able to walk along the route and photograph it was an incredible experience.

What is your favourite image, and Why?
This is a hard question for me as I have so many, but my winning 2014 POTY landscape shot is at the top of the list along with a shot of a Dahlia I took at the Botanic Gardens. The Jetty shot was the one I had taken with some newly purchased ND Grad filters and the conditions turned out to be absolutely perfect. There were very little people out as it was a cold night and the water was still enough to capture some beautiful reflections in the water.

I just love the lines and texture of the Dahlia and I couldn't go past the colour either.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

June Competition Results

The competition subjects for June 2016 were 'Night Photography' and 'Open' with a total of 109 entries.

Winning images - 1st, 2nd & 3rd - in each category are highlighted below.

 Our Winners this month are 
Bec Lundberg, Graeme Stokes, Jason Glover, John Baker, Kay Hamilton, Paula McManus, 
Tara Wachtel, Tim Colgan, Walter Popiel-Machnicki

Members obtaining MERITs this month are:
Bec Lundberg, Cathy Cates, Dianne Davies, Gail Fursenko, Jason Glover, Joylene Lee-Archer,
Karen Tregoning, Kate Hollister, Paula McManus, Shannon Gillespie, Stephen Muller, 
Walter Popiel-Machnicki

Please visit our Photo Album on our Facebook page to see larger versions of these images.

Our guest judge was Alberto Giurelli

Image Credit: Allan Griffin

Friday, 17 June 2016

Member Profile: Getting to Know ....

the Club Secretary - Cathy Cates

How/When did you get interested in photography?
I have always enjoyed taking photos of family and friends and throughout the 70’s I carried my little Instamatic with me everywhere I went. Along came the age of digital, and in 2003 we bought our first digital camera – an Olympus C750UZ - which we shared the use of, until 2005 when hubby graduated to a Nikon D70 and I got ‘sole custody’ of the Olympus.

What do you shoot with?
I now have a Nikon D3100 & D5100. I use both cameras regularly with several different lenses – a 50 mm, an 18-200 mm and a 55-300 mm.

What is your favourite subject, and Why?
I love taking photos of flowers, insects, animals, sunsets and reflections. I love the challenge of getting a good sunset shot – the scene can change so quickly.

What is your most memorable photographic moment?
My very first Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk in 2011 – I re-connected with a former work colleague, Paula McManus, who suggested I join the PACC – and the rest, as they say, is history.

What is your favourite image, and Why?
A photo taken with an old film camera – a Ricoh – of the Roulettes performing at the Adelaide Grand Prix in 1994. It was the first time I used my husband’s camera and I had to wait a week for the photos to be developed! This shot was the last shot in the film, and possibly one of the last shots in the camera as I was getting a ‘low battery warning’. Please forgive the poor quality of the image, it is a scanned copy of the print (complete with dust spots which I will eventually get around to removing)
Roulettes at 1994 Adelaide Grand Prix

Saturday, 11 June 2016

APS Honours for PACC Members

The Port Adelaide Camera Club would like to pass on Congratulations to the following members:

Paula McManus who has achieved her next level of photographic honours and now has the letters FAPS (Fellow of the Australian Photographic Society) after her name.

Dianne Davies who has achieved her photographic honours and now has the letters AAPS (Associate Australian Photographic Society) after her name.

Dianne Davies & Paula McManus at the
2015 PACC Trophy Presentation Night

Friday, 10 June 2016

Member Profile: Getting to Know .....

the Vice President - Joylene Lee-Archer 

How/When did you get interested in photography?
The reason I got into Photography was I saw my daughters Canon 400D. I picked it up just to look at it, it felt good in my hands; it was well weighted, took a couple of pictures outside. I knew then I had to have one; bought one and from there I have never looked back.

What do you shoot with?
I shoot now with a Canon 7D with multiple lens. I now have also gone to a lighter one, Olympus OMD M-1 with multiple Lens. I still prefer the Canon.

What is your favourite subject, and Why?
I love to shoot Landscapes and zoo animals. The reason I love the outback as it is a beautiful country and the colours are superb. I love the big cats as they are the ones I love the best. They are a majestic beast to the point I would love to own one. When I was a little girl I always wanted a black Panther .... as my family used to say “Dream on” .... but I will shoot anything at anytime or place.

What is your most memorable photographic moment?
I think it was about 6 years ago I took a course at the WEA, Learnt nothing. I met Grant Allen there and he told me about the Port Adelaide Camera Club. Now known as the PACC. He also said that you learn more at a club then you do doing a short course .... he was right.

What is your favourite image, and Why?
The most Memorable Photographic experience was about 2 months after I got the 400D, I went to the Dubbo Wildlife Plains. I walk around the whole complex and was just about to leave when I walked past the lions enclosure and the big cats were making a lot of noise (I think it was feed time) the lionesses were making the racket as they could hear the keeper on the other side. I had the 400D with me at that time with the 300mm lens on. I watched one of them walk around went up and tried to pick a fight with the lion but he was not having anything to do with her. She then walked slowly down to the water edge looked at the water then snorts the water a couple of time then started to drink, you could see her tongue lapping up the water, as you can imagine the camera was going wild. I took photos of every move she make from the top of the enclosure to the water hole. I had one printed for the club and when it was time for the judge to look at mine, he just stood there, he’s exact word were “I don’t normally like Dapple light.... 10” and then the judge said “I can’t fault it”. I was as proud as punch; I put it on canvas and on my wall and it is still there. I since have been back to Dubbo but nothing like that again.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

May 2016 Club Outing to Gorge Wildlife Park

The club outing for May was to the Gorge Wildlife Park, at Cudlee Creek, here in South Australia.

The official 2016 Group Photo
It has become quite a tradition with the club, and each year we get a good turnout with members who come back year after year, and brand new members who may be experiencing their first visit to the park.

This year, we had a small but keen group brave the cold and we met in the carpark at 9 am.  The weather, although a bit chilly at first, was very kind to us and we had a great day!

Bec & Liz - image provided by Tim Colgan

David - image provided by Kay Hamilton

Liz & Kay - image provided by Bec Lundberg
Our next outing is scheduled for 26th June 2016 - it will be a walk around the University of Adelaide Grounds.
Location: Adelaide University buildings and grounds Time: 10:00 am

Meeting place: Adelaide Uni. Gate 22a North Terrace, the area in front of Bonython Hall -North Tce. & Pultney St. Intersection

Our photographing area is within the boundaries of North Terrace, Frome Road, Victoria Drive and Kintore Avenue.

The non Uni buildings within the above boundary are included in this photo shoot.

Apart from the many architectural shots also consider some of the following: Old against new, A quiet place, The Chinese teacher and philosopher, Reflection, Book/s, Chair/seat, Mawson's rocks

Please only enter public accessible areas and be mindful of others privacy.

Regroup at 12:00 for coffee and lunch at the coffee shop at the rear of the Art Gallery.

Any questions, feel free to contact David Sandison: 0417822560

Friday, 3 June 2016

Member Profile: Getting to Know .....

the Club President - Allan Griffin

How/When did you get interested in photography?
Started in high school and again shortly before 2000, bought my first digital slr in 2005 but was not allowed to persue, 2010 was when it became apparent that photography would not only consume and save my life, but become my passion, due to a cataclysm in my life that quickly spiralled out of control

What do you shoot with?
Only the best in my opinion being Nikon. with recently a Nikon D700 DSLR and purchased a high end film SLR camera

What is your favourite subject, and Why?
I have many favourite subjects which are constantly evolving and developing, what started with Landscapes because of Ken Duncan whilst growing up now includes night exposures, urbanscapes, starting interests in tableau, joiners and formalism and architecture.

However my favourite is artistic nude, not for the reason you may be thinking, because I photograph male and female.... This is because of shapes, light and shadows created, curves, creating sculptures, this style I prefer in black and white because of the aesthetic nature

What is your most memorable photographic moment?
Photographing the Christmas Pageant is probably most memorable.

What is your favourite image, and Why?
A selfie with my daughter and my autistic son photo bombed with a kiss, cuddle and smile, this is a rare moment treasured....