Tuesday, 10 May 2016

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Graham Taarnby
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How/When did you get interested in photography?
When I was 18 (a few years ago) I worked as a wedding photographer for "Leeton of Lockleys"

What do you shoot with? 1st SLR was Minolta SRT101, then I moved to Nikon. When I ran my studio I used Hasselblad (6x6) Still saving for an digital version --- until then I have to shoot with a Nikon D800, and 4.x.2.8 lenses

What is your favourite subject, and Why? Portraiture and close up work. Portraiture because it’s a challenge to try and bring out the character of the person….. close up (spiders armpits) as I often say… is challenging to get the lighting, focus, correct

What is your most memorable photographic moment? ..Photographing His Holiness The Dali Lama several years ago

What is your favourite image, and Why? portrait of Murray Bowles, we took 2 rolls of film, developed the film found a bad reflection on the side of his glasses, so we asked him back and did it again 2 more rolls of film … this time no reflection

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