Thursday, 21 April 2016

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Dianne Davies

What got you interested in photography?
I became interested in photography about 8 years ago after attending an Anzac march and taking a photo of a very old man covered in medals, I couldn’t wait to get home to view it on the computer. There was so much emotion in the old man and you guessed it my photo was a fluff up not sharp at all.  I told my husband and he said why don’t you get a better camera and join camera club, the rest is history.

What do you shoot with?
I use all Fuji cameras my main camera is the Fuji Hs 30, I also have a Fuji s8100, Fuji Hs 10 and a Fuji  EX770 pocket camera, which goes with me everywhere in my handbag and on my bike rides. These cameras are not DSLR but bridge cameras.

What is your most memorable photographic moment?
My most memorable moment of all times is sitting on the edge of Lake Pamamaroo in western New South Wales with my best friends and club members Paula McManus, Helen Lewis & Julie Fletcher in the dark and freezing cold with the milky way overhead at about 3.30 am and sitting there waiting for sunrise, listening to the water lap on the edges of the lake and the quietness. Was the most stunning thing I have ever seen and I will never forget it. I never knew there were so many stars in the sky what a memorable event to share with friends. When we got back in the car to go back to base it was 1 degree.

What is your favourite subject/image, and Why? 
My favourite subject is shooting Nature... macro, mainly insects of any form, I’m always out scouting around in the garden, I also like anything connected with nature birds, trees, landscapes, leaves etc.

I have several favourite images, its between 2 one is of an image I title Mujabi (a lion) it was chosen runner up for best image at the royal show and also my meerkat family, titled The Gangs All Here, it was a stroke of luck to get them all sitting up cuddled together, but I also have a lot of insect images that are favourites - I guess because I know how long it took to get a good shot of them (a lot of patience needed).

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  1. You take so many beautiful - and stunning photos Di. Against adversity you continue to maintain a positive outlook and embrace the beauty around you and it is reflected in your photos. So pleased you picked up a camera! ;0)
    Loved reading the blog too, thanks Cathy/PACC


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